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The Blueberry Project

The Northeast Superior Forest Community (NSFC) in partnership with the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs Forum has been building a new and exciting industry for the region.  The development of the Chapleau-Sultan Wild Blueberry Farm has been a concept for the economic diversification of Chapleau area, as well as the wider Northeast Superior region that has been underdevelopment for more than 8 years.  With primary concepts and partnerships developed through the efforts of the Chapleau Regional Development Corporation, the NSFC has been working diligently on turning this idea into reality.

The following links include: the Project Proposal, Bear and Bird Management Plan, the Public Notice in English and French, an Overview Map of the Site...

Overview Map of the Site
Project Proposal, Bear and Bird Management Plan

Public Notice in English

Public Notice in French     

 FYI - For those of you who were unable to attend the open house on Jan. 24th, please feel free to browse our

presentation materials of the project listed here: Poster 1, Poster 2, Poster 3, Poster 4, Poster 5, Poster 6, Poster 7, Poster 8, Poster 9, Poster 10, Poster 11. To receive updates about the Project, please join our mailing list by including your name and email address, afterwards please press send. ***CLICK HERE*** TO FILL OUT OUR PROJECT SURVEY, COMMENT PERIOD CLOSES ON FEBRUARY 18, 2013. NSFC ENCOURAGES & WELCOMES ALL PUBLICS' COMMENTS***

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